Tuesday, June 22, 2010

inspector general

56. The OHB Unit shall have the capability to "roll out" to all Categorical Use of Force incidents 24 hours a day. The Department shall require immediate notification to the Chief of Police, the OHB Unit, the Commission and the Inspector General by the LAPD whenever there is a Categorical Use of Force. Upon receiving each such notification, an OHB Unit investigator shall promptly respond to the scene of each Categorical Use of Force and commence his or her investigation. The senior OHB Unit manager present shall have overall command of the crime scene and investigation at the scene where multiple units are present to investigate a Categorical Use of Force incident; provided, however, that this shall not prevent the Chief of Police, the Chief of Staff, the Department Commander or the Chief's Duty Officer from assuming command from a junior OHB supervisor or manager when there is a
specific need to do so.

in reference to: Civil Rights Division Home Page (view on Google Sidewiki)

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