Tuesday, June 22, 2010


78. The Department shall continue to require officers to report to the LAPD without delay: any conduct by other officers that reasonably appears to constitute (a) an excessive use of force or improper threat of force; (b) a false arrest or filing of false charges; (c) an unlawful search or seizure; (d) invidious discrimination; (e) an intentional failure to complete forms required by LAPD policies and in accordance with procedures; (f) an act of retaliation for complying with any LAPD policy or procedure; or (g) an intentional provision of false information in an administrative investigation or in any official report, log, or electronic transmittal of information. Officers shall report such alleged misconduct by fellow officers either directly to IAG or to a supervisor who shall complete a Complaint Form 1.28. This requirement applies to all officers, including supervisors and managers who learn of evidence of possible misconduct through their review of an officer's work. Failure to voluntarily report as described in this paragraph shall be an offense subject to discipline if sustained

in reference to: Civil Rights Division Home Page (view on Google Sidewiki)

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