Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purjury by DA and Killer Law Office http://www.bbklaw.com/?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=50

Both judges in this case are on the water board with the conspirators of the homcide cover up. On July 31 we requested for internal affairs to serve the Riverside County Legal Council regarding the false statement of facty the attorneys for the DA filed. They were served Monday morning and as soon as we entered court the judge said we had to leave. The next corrupt move was to force us into a court with no reporter, at a school and intimidate us and tell us we will be sued if we continue to pursue the case. http://www.bbklaw.com/?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=50 Judge Richard Fields, Judge Percy Anderson.

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