Monday, July 5, 2010

Department of County Counsel | Diigo

Department of County Counsel Diigo

Department of County Counsel

... Law, Conflict of Interest Laws ... of the Probate Division. Property. The Property Division provides legal services to the Board of Supervisors, County ... water rights and water ... · Cached page
SBSun: County supervisors see no conflicts of interest amid corruption ...

SBSun: County supervisors see no conflicts of interest amid corruption case ... The county had lost two important court decisions and ... to them by a friend probate ... · Cached page
Mendocino County — Mendocino County — County of Mendocino Services ...

Conflict of Interest: Assessor-Clerk-Recorder: 463-4371: Construction ... Board of Supervisors: link: County Surveyor: Transportation: 463-4363: Court Calendar - Law & Motion · Cached page
Number of court cases involving Human Rights Act rises by a third ...

... cases have fuelled the first rise for seven years in court cases using the Human Rights Act ... conflict of interest; conflict of laws; congestion charges; consent; consent orders · Cached page
City Attorney under scrutiny as County reins in its court costs ...

... scrutiny as County reins in its court costs. Since she became a board supervisor ... particular right ... firms for cases in which the City Attorney's Office has a conflict of interest ... · Cached page
conflict of interest « Current Awareness

... after fallout from a series of apparent conflicts of interest.” ... “Lawyers who cause costly delays to court cases in ... county courts; court dress; Court of Protection; courts · Cached page
Conflicts of Interest « State Law Library of Montana

... and Orders from the Montana Supreme Court ... Case of First Impression; Causation; Cause of Action ... Conflict of Laws; Conflicts of Interest; Confrontation · Cached page
Los Angeles County-County Directory of Information & Services

... defendants the Public Defender is unable to represent, due to a conflict of interest, for court ... the incidence of lead poisoning for children in Los Angeles County. Provides case ...!ut/p/c1/04... · Cached page
Los Angeles County

... to represent, due to a conflict of interest, for court ... advisor to the Board of Supervisors, County ... of dissolutions, probate, wills, name changes, criminal and civil cases – may ... blogs - Laurie Roberts' Columns & Blog

... their cases to court ... of a county supervisor have ... to review Probate Court practices. The Republic is disclosing the relationship to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest. · Cached page
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