Monday, July 5, 2010

probate homicide

probate homicides
In homicide cover up of Nye Frank -when we served the County Officials the court records kept showing not served. We had to get internal affairs of the sheriff department to serve them and go to court to confirm they were served. We also noticed records removed from our case and others and not in the Banning court records but in the Riverside county Main branch. I documented this, sent the Banning Court house via fax to the officials. Later turned in the connection I felt was the issue. I do not know for sure but Mark Dimaggio the brother of a past prosecutor and now guardianship judge-attorney lost his admin job. Related? Dimaggio was the attorney who alledges she was the successor to a elder death. Alledged to have told the elder mans daughter she could have 10k if she does not fight it or if she fights nothing.

in reference to: How Long Must We Tolerate This? | Diigo (view on Google Sidewiki)

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